How can I improve my ranking?

  • Be active on the system.
  • Click Share from any onPlist page 1,000 pts Share as much as you want no limit
  • Claim your profile 5,000 pts
  • Create a project 10,000 pts
  • Invite members to your project 500 each
  • Complete a negotiation – 1,000 pts
  • Blog about relevant topics anywhere, add link to onPlist, send link to us – 50,000 pts
  • Number of days you logged in to onPlist in the past month – 100 pts each
  • or Purchase points.

What affects my star rating?

  • Your starting star rating by default is based on your information in the system.
  • Complete profile 2 stars
  • Complete listings on system +1 star
  • You have claimed your profile +1 star
  • After someone enters a rating then your new rating will be the average of your default and their rating. Make sure and send your customers to the site to give you a good rating. We suggest pointing them directly to your professional profile page. The link is provided for you if you use the share buttons on your profile page.